Who can make teaching fun?

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Vacation galore!
Besides the big break in the summer, you'll have a lot of other weeks off. Christmas breaks, spring break, of course you can decide to make some extra money in those periods. Or just kick back and relax! If you've got kids, you'll surely have the same time off as they do. Go on a holiday whenever you like! It's not just the students that benefit from you as a teacher. You yourself are the real winner with all that free time. Promised, all your friends will envy you!

Feel the magic
Those who have worked in a class room know the magic of teaching at its best. Seriously, like seeing your own baby when it's just born, it's this feeling you get that no one understand until they experience it for themselves. Noticing the result of your teaching, students realising what you're saying and using that information; it;s a kind of magic. Teaching is a passionate, joyful adventure and students should be surfing along your waves of fun and entertaining teaching.

Be creative
The drive for creative teachers is their need to help their students generate their own meaning; help them express their own ideas. Such teachers share an often unarticulated a philosophy. Such teachers are driven by curiosity, challenge, and enjoy taking calculated risks. They see teaching as fun!

How can you tell?
It's actually not that hard to find out how students are achieving and enjoying learning. Do we show how students are enjoying learning - we can measure anything if we are creative! Ask the students! Look in their eyes. You can tell when people are actually aying attention, soaking up your words and are really learning.

The game of learning
Learning is nothing more than a big game. But adults have a major role in this whole game, as they are the ones that can trigger failure through the lack of support and sensitivity. e all know these people but we usually choose to ignore them. They can't really be like that, right? The future however depends completely one these people, as they're the ones that should be encourgaing and supporting the students. Teaching and learning is about doing things well. Not skimming the surface but getting in deep. Real learners are lost in thoughts, caught up in the 'flow' and that's when teaching becomes fun!

Bring back the fun
Teaching has been taken over by the planners, control freaks and measurers… it's time to go back to the days when excitement and fun ruled the class rooms! If you rediscover the importance of the joy of learning, education will once again be enjoyed. It's too important to take too seriously!

Not for pussies
Teaching is a special trade that's not well-suited to everyone. In fact, many new teachers quit their jobs within the first couple of years. But there are rewards involved for sure. It's great to notice when your teaching has payed off. The vacations are great… and it's never too late to learn something new yourself.

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Though many will disagree: school can be fun. But only if you make it a fun place to be in! Up for a challenge in teaching? Take a look at the job offers in teaching or vacatures onderwijs!

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Who can make teaching fun?

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This article was published on 2010/11/04