Stop Marketing and Start Teaching to Attract Clients Like Crazy

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In private, candid conversations many entrepreneurs and service professionals share with me that what they really want is to make a big difference in the world by sharing with others what they have learned about life and business, and what they are passionate about.

But instead of starting right NOW, they postpone doing this until some undefined time in the future, until they know more or have some extra certifications under their belt!

Big mistake!

There are three reasons why you should start teaching immediately and not wait a moment longer:

First, by teaching, you make your solutions, and yourself, easier to find and differentiate in the crowd of other experts.

Most buyers start out as information seekers. They don't search for things to buy, but for solutions to their problems. By teaching them you provide answers to their most burning questions and create a strong, long term relationship.

Second, teaching is a better way to grab attention.

Bombarded by promotions our potential customers have become masters of dodging sales pitches. Sharing effective tips and resources becomes a powerful client magnet.

Third, teaching provides a sample of your expertise, differentiates you from competitors, and grabs attention of even the most lukewarm prospects. You establish yourself as a go-to expert and the authority in your area of knowledge.

When given a choice between investing into an expensive coaching or consulting relationship, or buying some sort of gadget, versus getting access to "how to solve this problem" type information, prospects will almost always choose the second option at first.

So bottom line is this: if you want to attract more clients, teach more! And don't wait, start right now!

Host teleseminar, webinars, workshops, do more speaking, write articles, and create your own audio programs, e-zines, blogs and special reports. All of these are great client attraction tools - and the more of them you have to offer the more clients you'll get! People will always remember that you provided them with tons of useful information and when they are ready to buy, they will always go first to the expert they know and trust.

Take a few moments TODAY and give some thought to ways you can start sharing your expertise and teaching more. A great place to start is to make a list of the biggest problems your clients have and the simple business strategies you can teach to help them solve their challenges.

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Stop Marketing and Start Teaching to Attract Clients Like Crazy

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This article was published on 2010/09/13