4 Types of Teaching Assistant Jobs You Could Apply For

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It is not hard to see the appeal of becoming a teaching assistant. You can look forward to playing a role in the lives of many children as they grow up and develop. Regardless of the age of children you want to be a teaching assistant for, you will find plenty of teaching assistant jobs in South Africa today.

So here we have put together a list of typical vacancies you can expect to find when you look for these positions. You may find yourself applying for one or two of them once you have completed your training.

1 - Teacher’s assistant – junior classes

This advert indicates the age of children you will be helping in the classroom. Very often you will be helping the same group of children all day, although some of the positions offered may be part time. This is worth considering as you may not necessarily be able to take a full time position. Generally speaking you will find opportunities in both cases.

2 - Teacher’s assistant/relief teacher

You may see this type of advert on occasion as well. Here you will be asked to assist with lessons but also take lessons if the teacher is not able to attend, perhaps through illness for example. Some vacancies such as these can offer the opportunity to be employed as a teacher in the future rather than as a teaching assistant. In this case you must be prepared to take a class alone if the need arises.

3 - Pre-school teaching assistant

This may also be referred to as a nursery school teaching assistant. In either case you will be helping classes of very young children who are not yet at school. It is worth considering which age group of children you would most like to help teach. Many teaching assistants have a natural preference or affinity for one age group over another.

4 - Home based teaching assistant

In some cases you may like to consider being a teaching assistant for a home based pupil. This may also offer the opportunity to support the learning of a child outside school hours. If you would rather work one on one with a child, you should look for this kind of position. You may find openings to care for siblings during the day or possibly for specific hours during the week, as the parents require.

As you can see there are several options open to you when it comes to looking for teaching assistant training. One thing you will notice is these jobs exist all over South Africa. Wherever there is a school there is the opportunity to have teaching assistants, so you are never very far from a vacancy of one kind or another. Once you know which age group you would rather help teach, you can start looking for the most appropriate vacancies.

Teaching assistants play an important role in a child’s life. So if you have the skills and the qualifications you will go far in this career and enjoy every position you hold too.


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4 Types of Teaching Assistant Jobs You Could Apply For

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4 Types of Teaching Assistant Jobs You Could Apply For

This article was published on 2013/03/25